Plagiarism Checker API Available in Open Access

Plagiarism Checker API is an application that lets many websites and learning management systems benefit from integration with plagiarism detection tool. How does it happen?

The plagiarism checker API provides easy access for users of certain LMS or website, allowing them to enjoy a whole range of functions and checking modes of plagiarism detecting software. This integration is easily implemented thanks to using special API key. No additional options or settings are needed, only your favorite plagiarism checker, your favorite website or LMS and unique API code to unify these two services. It’s as easy as shooting a fish in a barrel. If you don’t believe it, try integrating your LMS with a plagiarism detector via plagiarism checker API right now, as it won’t take you much time.

How Do You Benefit from Using Free Plagiarism Checker API

You get a wide range of functions provided by the plagiarism checker you have chosen to use. Moreover, you get a simplified version of checking process and spend less time to detect similarities in your documents. Depending on the checker you use, the speed of detection process will vary, but still, it will take much less time than before, as now you can scan your documents without moving to another browser tab.

More information about free plagiarism checker API integration you can find on the official website of your plagiarism checker. Also, you can contact support team if you have any additional questions. If your plagiarism scanner doesn’t offer API integration, you can leave a comment for customer support team.

If your checker does have API integration, then it’s high time to take advantage of it and enjoy the easiness of document checking process.